Celebrate American Craft Beer Week

by Maureen McEvers

During these COVID times we need to raise a glass and toast to the tight knit community of small independent brewers in NYS.  They band together, share insights, successes, collaborate in the forms of co-brewed beers and support one another.  It is the beauty of the craft beer industry, how these folks maintain their connection with the communities they reside in. 

May 11th – 17th is American Craft Beer Week and we are taking the time to introduce you to the force behind Cayuga County’s booming beer industry.  Even though the coronavirus has temporarily put drinking a craft beer at your favorite local brewery on hold, you can still bring craft beer goodness home to enjoy!  Some establishments have even expanded their offerings to more than just beer.  

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Be sure to check in this week with your favorite Finger Lakes craft brewery.

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