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A chat with Greg Missick and Jeff Curcio of Design Build Inc

A new housing development is under construction just south of Geneva on the west side of Seneca Lake. The Bay View Terrace project is the first flagship development of Design Build Inc. in Geneva. It is being overseen by Real Estate Developer Greg Missick and Builder Jeff Curcio. 

The two long-time partners recently sat down with Life in the Finger Lakes to share what Bay View Terrace will mean for the region.

Greg, you’re the owner and currently the president of GJM Engineering in Los Angeles. How did you become involved with the at Bay View Terrace project? 

Missick: It goes back about 15 years. My wife is originally from Rochester and she has a lot of family back there. She’s asked me ever since we got married if I minded moving back there and I said, yes, if the opportunity arises. Construction was a little slow out here in Los Angeles, so I said, “OK, let’s go back to Rochester.” I started buying up some properties and saw what we could do with them. 

Jeff has done so many things. There was a winery he built for us. He has so much talent. He focuses on everything, from the type of wood to paint color; he does his job well. 

I really don’t want to retire. I’m 70, but I want to keep going. The Design Build project was a way for me to keep going. So that that’s how that came about. I still have the company in California. 

And Jeff, how did you get involved with the project at Bay View Terrace? 

Curcio: I started working with Greg many years ago and it led into the next project, and the next. Now here we are, developing the Bay View Terrace project. 

Are you also with GJM engineering?

Curcio: I am not. I have my own company, Premier Customs Remodeling, in Rochester.

What did you do before this project? Have you been in the real estate development business for a while?

Curcio: Yeah, I’ve built restaurants, hotels, houses, commercial development and high-end projects. We’ve kind of experienced it all. 

Tell me about the Bay View Terrace project. What kind of homes are being developed?

Curcio: We’re building patio homes ranging between 1,200 to 1,800 square feet. Basically, we’re trying to build a community for people with two houses – whether they live down in Florida or somewhere else – and want to downsize. It’s a nice, quiet, beautiful neighborhood that has walking trails, a dog park, pond and sidewalks. It’s just a really tight-knit, little patio home community. 

Why did you choose the Geneva area for this development? 

Curcio: There was opportunity here. It’s in desperate need of growth and the area is outstanding, I don’t think enough people know how beautiful the area is. It’s a hidden gem. There’s a lot to do here and it’s a tight little community. The subdivision has endless views and trails.

What is you know your favorite part of your involvement with this project?

Curcio: The area is beautiful. Every day is a new surprise out here with the views, people and things to do. The Bay View Terrace houses are great. I think they’re exactly what the market demands. People are starting to go simpler – downsizing and being energy-efficient. And these houses fit those criteria. 

Right now you have your employees from your own company. Do you use any other builders and people in the Finger Lakes Region? 

Curcio: As the developers, we subcontract other contractors in the region. We work with people as far as Syracuse to Buffalo and all in between. We bring everybody in who wants to be a part of the project. 

How many people are you subcontracting for Design Build?

Curcio: We probably have up to 100 different subcontractors. 

Missick: We’ve tried to bring in as much as we could from the area. We ask them up front if they can handle it; if they can’t, then we have to do something else. But for the most part, we’re trying to get people that are from the area. 

What do you enjoy most about the Finger Lakes Region? 

Curcio: It’s a hidden gem. When people say “Finger Lakes,” they talk about the lakes, the views many different things. Geneva is a good area – it’s quiet, has a spectacular view, it’s just great! 

I couldn’t agree with you more. Do you have any like favorite local activities that you enjoy? 

Curcio: The fishing here is incredible. You’ve got wine tours that are everywhere. You have golf, hiking, hunting. There’s a lot in this demographic. 

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