A Brave New World

My original plan was to write about the Cayuga People this week, but I’m going to postpone that because it’s Senior Week (the week before Ithaca College’s graduation) and I just got back from camping in a beautiful area. My friends and I went to a spot in the Finger Lakes National Forest, about twenty minutes outside of Ithaca. We left in the evening, and though the weather has been pretty chilly lately, the sun was shining when we arrived at the wooded area where we were going to set up our tents. After getting the tents situated, we left the woods to take a walk through the open, expansive field beside us. This area of the park is located at a higher elevation, and so after walking a little distance we were rewarded with a view. At this point, the sun was setting. A nice moment to reflect on graduation!

Graduation … an exciting prospect for sure. While it will be strange not to be in the world of academia, I feel comfortable that the skills I’ve developed over the past four years will enable me to productively transition into post-college life. In particular, I am grateful for professors who have helped foster my study of literature, friends who have made it worthwhile along the way, and a supportive and loving family that has provided me with consistency. What can make the experience a little nerve-wracking is stepping outside this system of support. It seems to me that this next phase will take lots of dedication and energy. While it will be hard work, I don’t think I could be creative any other way.

Back at the campsite we got a fire started. I have no idea how to do that on my own, so I was glad to be with friends. This is another hope of mine in post-college life: to continue building on existing friendships and work to foster new ones as well. Our night ended relatively early, around midnight. We must be getting old! No, not really. But the responsibilities of adult life are beginning to set in for sure and this comes with a certain adjustment in attitude. Rising early in the morning, we made it back to Ithaca before 9 o’clock. And I went to purchase my graduation gown.

kathleen malnatiStory and photo by Kathleen Malnati

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