Beautiful Music is Coming to Canandaigua



Tickets available at starting April 1, 2023

The festival’s artistic directors, cellist Amy Sue Barston and violinist Kevin Kumar, are passionate about engaging with audiences. Acclaimed musicians themselves, their nontraditional approach to presenting classical works with entertaining insights and storytelling brings new life to the genre. Concertgoers are invited to explore a lighter side of chamber music, prompting the question, “Who would have thought that classical music could be so down to earth?”

This 19th season will be featuring works of music that have a notable majestic breadth; they conjure the symphonic colors and qualities of a whole orchestra, but are chamber works: they use fewer instruments in a more intimate setting. The Beethoven Septet (Festival Concert 7/21), for instance, often sounds like a symphony, but has only 7 instruments: French horn, bassoon, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, and double bass. It’s like an 'up close and personal’ philharmonic! Similarly, the Brahms Clarinet Sonata (also 7/21) is beloved for it's large scale amorous sweep, but uses only 2 instruments: clarinet and piano. And our grand finale, Dvorak’s Eb Piano Quartet (Festival Concert 7/23), features only four instruments but is as grand a work as one could imagine.

This year, the Festival will open with a lively concert event featuring delightful chamber music and beer tastings at Faircraft Brauhaus in Fairport. Artistic Director Kevin Kumar says beer music is a musical tasting celebrating our civilization’s fondness for this ancient fermented beverage.

By popular demand, ChamberFest Canandaigua is partnering with The Lake House on Canandaigua (rated #2 Resort Hotel in the Continental US). The 4-course meal selected by their chefs will be accompanied by music that enhances your dining experience.

The following concerts are scheduled:

  • Chamber Music & Craft Beer will be held Sunday afternoon, July 16 at Faircraft Brauhaus in Fairport
  • A Night to Remember will be held Tuesday evening, July 18 at The Lake House on Canandaigua
  • Classical Blue Jeans will be held on Wednesday evening, July 19, at Casa Larga Vineyards in Fairport
  • The Free Family Concert will be held on Thursday morning, July 20, at Wood Library in Canandaigua
  • Symphony in a Teacup will be held on Friday night, July 21, at Cobblestone Arts Center
  • Festival Finale will be held on Sunday afternoon, July 23, at Cobblestone Arts Center

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