Bar Argos is a Treat!

Argos is the name of Odysseus’ dog in Homer’s Odyssey. Argos waits for years for his master to return to Ithaca after Odysseus leaves to fight in Troy. When Odysseus does finally returns to Ithaca, the Greek island, he does so as a beggar (so as not to be recognized by his wife and her many suitors who have in his absence occupied his home). Argos is unable to greet Odysseus without consequence of being recognized, nor can Odysseus greet him, and thus the two pass by each other – Odysseus shedding a tear – before Argos, who at last knows his master has returned, dies. 

Like Odysseus’ dog, The Argos Inn in Ithaca is a similarly special part of a place to return home to. The restored mansion serves as a 10-bedroom inn that opens its Bar Argos from 4-10 p.m. daily for guests of the hotel and members of the community. The selection at Bar Argos is made up of unique and carefully crafted cocktails, in addition to a beer and wine selection. Smooth drinks like the “Flora & Fauna,” made with gin, lime, honey, and flower bitters, are offered, as well as more adventurous ones such as the “Bagpipe Mariachi,” made with tequila, apple-fennel shrub, celery bitters, lemon, and scotch. 

The atmosphere of the bar is beautiful. Art decorates the walls, the lighting is carefully done, and the space is large enough so that one can chose where they’d like to enjoy their drinks. People mill about between the old-style bar, the common room area (where a jazz trio, i3°, plays from 5 to 7 p.m. most Wednesdays), and a glass-enclosed porch that hosts a long, wooden table for guests to sit at. In nicer weather, the spacious patio area outdoors is open. Local food trucks frequent the patio area on certain nights, offering delicious food choices for those who wish to grab a bite to eat. Bar Argos is unlike any other bar I go to in Ithaca. Its consistency I’ll compare to the loyalty of Odysseus’ dog, and along a similar line it always proves to be a treat.

kathleen malnatiStory and Photo by Kathleen Malnati

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