“Autumn’s Equinox”

poem and photo by Nicholas Skaldetvind


Migrating beyond

the spectral past of summer

falling upon us

in suggestions of the rolling land’s winds

that the leaves must go

covering a meadow of burning leaves of autumnal tints of green and red under the foggy dusk

heaped upon a whole host of memories

of verdant grassy blades

and the withering wildflower stuck

right before

the goose-eye view

and the slanted sun’s radiant eye

fixed upon boughs of bristling trees

and rippling leaves

much like how the lament of wind

is the sighing eternal breath of a temperamental ventriloquist

in mercurial changes of mood

blowing a squall of leaves

over unseen roots burrowing deeper into the earth

beneath a backdrop of changing color

and finally still and stirring

and swift and fleeting

for a passage of time

never up to you nor I

to weather the world’s turning wood


with reinforced bodies

remembering to rest,

and to leave pain.


The changing leaves are fall’s dream

and if you catch my eye, like a withering meadow flower,

I might forget while autumn remembers

bargaining with the sun is a tree’s dream.


Nicholas Skaldetvind is a freelance editor and local Finger Lakes denizen, from where he researches, writes and publishes custom content. He is seeking fellowship and collaboration with other local writers, poets, and creatives during a short-term sabbatical while he awaits next steps as a college lecturer

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