Autumn Splendor

I have always loved taking photographs, but for 25 years I worked as a programmer/analyst, spending my days entrenched in the cubicle culture of the corporate world. Then, completely by chance, I was offered the opportunity to pursue my dreams.

The Finger Lakes Region acts as both an inspiration and a palette for my art. Everywhere I turn there is a picturesque scene: Hammondsport filled with tourists in the summer or silent and snow-covered in the winter, the clouds sitting above Keuka’s bluff, the fog hanging in the valley, and of course the spectacular trees in autumn dipped in fuschia, orange and gold.

Having been given a second chance to pursue my creative dream, I take nothing for granted, and approach my photography with a profound sense of excitement. The eyes, personalities and emotions of everyday people, the smell of the seasons, and the display of colors, depth and light impel me to record these moments so that others can discover them, too.

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by Bonnie Gustin

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