Art Is Important

by Mark Stash, editor

The theme of each issue of the magazine usually revolves around the time of year that it’s published. For example, the May/June and July/August issues are very much centered around warm weather activities, while the January/February issue has a wintry theme. And sometimes, a magazine issue takes on a life of its own.

The November/December issue is traditionally the one that focuses on the annual photo contest, which we have done again this year, for the 20th time! It’s always exciting to go through all the photograph submissions from readers and then judge the top prospects. This year, we decided to open up the voting to the public. We are striving to include readers more and more into becoming a part of the creative process of the Life in the Finger Lakes brand. 2022 will include more contributions from readers. Watch for questionnaires and surveys that will be conducted through weekly e-newsletters and social media.

Again, the main focus for this issue is the photo contest, and we have built on that and turned it into a genuine creative and art-themed magazine this time around! For starters, the winner of the grand prize in the photo contest will be on display at the Rockwell Museum in Corning through December 2021. Visitors to the museum explore the people, land and ideas that shape America through the eyes of American artists.

We also explore an eatery in Owego called Carol’s Art Bar (page 32). It’s a soothing and relaxing café with delicious coffee and food, and walls adorned with bright and colorful artwork. There’s also daily live music – a fun place to visit I’m sure.

Pat Tribastone is a professional still life artist who has a gallery on Main Street in Canandaigua (page 60). Her oil paintings come alive through beautiful lighting, strong compositions and lively colors.

Off the Easel features several young artists who are already making their mark in the art world (page 26). Their mediums of choice are paint, photography, printmaking, drawing, sculpture and pottery.

Art is important. Now, more than ever, we need beauty and creativity surrounding us. Art also gives us expression and meaning. It ‘s a wonderful form of communication that can span all cultures and identities.

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