APP SPECIAL: Adventure Minus the Danger

By Anne O. Stout

Those of us living in the Finger Lakes Region of New York are so lucky, not only do we have the beautiful scenery surrounding the lakes, but if outdoors is your thing we have trails, parks, waterfalls, state parks and so much more to get to know.

There are fourteen counties to the Finger Lakes, and each one has parks, state forests, nature preserves and more with trails for the hiker to enjoy. The trails are maintained by different groups and many open year round so hiking in spring and summer, enjoying the fall foliage colors, or snow shoeing in the snow is possible. The hiker who needs a real challenge also has the Finger Lakes Trail; over 950 miles of trail extending into the counties of the Finger Lakes Region.

Now if magnificent scenery, wildlife, birds, flowers, waterfalls and more doesn’t interest you enough and you are into the electronic age, I still have the answer for you. My newest hobby/pastime is geocaching; a modern day, challenging version of the treasure hunt. (geo is for Earth, and cache from French word meaning hiding place.) ...

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