An Embarrassment of Riches

Having lived in the Finger Lakes Region since 1993, I think I have a good idea of the activities offered throughout the entire year. Yes, the winter and early spring months may have weather that’s not conducive to a lot of outdoor playtime, but there are still many things to do, both indoor and out.

Once May and June start getting into full swing, there is definitely an up-tick in how many people I see out and about. July and August roll around and watch out – everyone is intent on getting their summer fun packed into two months. I can’t blame them. The weather is beautiful most of the time, and the warm waters of the lakes beckon us to splash and play in them.

There is almost too much going on in the Finger Lakes during the summer. I say almost – but not quite. The options for musical entertainment are endless and varied. Runners, bicyclists, golfers and hikers enjoy the warm temperatures and clear skies. Festivals and events are off the charts. There are probably four or five major events almost every weekend during the summer within reasonable driving distance. I’m almost giddy just trying to decide what to do. I only wish I had more time to participate in more events.

This issue presents a good cross section of many things to do that are offered in the region during the summer – hiking the many trails on numerous public lands (pages 18 and 22); viewing sculptures at a wildlife refuge (page 28); enjoying world class gardens (page 42); visiting historical communities such as Seneca Falls(page 84); paddling at the Finger Lakes Museum & Aquarium (page 38); observing Civil War-era battles (page 64); trying out a new sport such as disc golf (page 58); and getting your garlic fix at a festival (page 26).

And then there is live theater in Montour Falls (page 14); getting a ride on the Skaneateles mailboat (page 34); visiting a new winery in Hornell (page 80); and seeing an artist’s exquisite and detailed work (page 76).

Let’s not forget a bit of flair from yesteryear. If you’re out and about in the Bloomfield area, don’t forget to look around at roadside signs, reminiscent of the old Burma Shave signs that used to line the roads years ago.

Have a safe and happy summer!

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by Mark Stash,

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