A Virtual Next Generation School of Theatre

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A note from Hangar Theatre Company’s Shirley Serotsky, Associate Artistic Director/Education Director 

This Spring, we quickly put our heads together to offer Virtual Classes for all ages. It was wonderful watching young people and adults truly light up as they engage with each other in a creative and meaningful way.

Making connections is what theatre has always done best; we need that sense of connection to thrive. But while we, like most theatre-makers, cherish the experience of creating together in a shared space, the health and safety of our community (and beyond) remains our highest priority.

We used what we learned through these classes by trial and feedback to create a brand-new virtual platform for the Next Generation School of Theatre. This will allow for creation, connection, skill-building, and fun for young people and emerging artists, from the safety of home. With that in mind, we’re excited to offer our Virtual Next Gen lineup, as well as four free KIDDSTUFF productions on Saturday mornings throughout the summer!

Virtual Next Gen FAQs

How did you determine the length of each program?
Sessions allow for a variety of activities and ample breaks. We’ve found that a 10-minute break per hour is necessary and helpful (for students and teachers!). We’ve also learned to build in time for peer interaction and student check-ins.

What technology is required to participate in the online programs?
We’re conducting classes on Zoom and will sometimes utilize additional programs like Google Drive. We will work through the technology at the start of each session, and will troubleshoot any technical situations that arise.

What if I want my young person to enjoy the outdoors this summer?
So do we! That’s why we’ve shifted to shorter, more focused sessions for online learning. When we can, we’ll include explorations that involve the outdoors, finding inspiration from nature. We believe wholeheartedly that outdoor activity is essential for the development of creative, healthy, and happy individuals.

Are there benefits to virtual learning?
Yes! Because the online platform requires smaller classes and a more contained setting, we are finding that it allows for even more focused sessions, and even helps our more introverted students feel comfortable sooner.

What if my young person doesn’t take to virtual sessions?
It happens, we totally understand. Just let us know, and we’ll go from there. For information about scholarships, financial aid, or other questions, contact education@hangartheatre.org.


Next Gen Classes, July 6-10

All classes capped at twelve participants, space is limited!

Virtual Creative Play/Playful Creation
M-F: 2-3:30pm
There is inspiration all around us–we just have to look for it! A teaching artist will lead young people through games and exercises that help unlock their creative spirits, even as they remain inside the house. This is a chance for students to connect virtually with each other, and with their own sense of play and imagination.

Virtual Sing a Song, Dance Along
M-F: 9:30am-11:30am
Students will experience the joy of expressing themselves through song, dance, and movement in a fun and supportive virtual environment. Young people will work together to create a piece to share with friends and family virtually on the final day.

Virtual Filmmaking: From Script to Screen
M-F: 4-5:30pm
In this online class, young people will learn the basics of filmmaking with a handheld camera (smartphone or otherwise). The class will cover storytelling through imagery, framing, and dialogue and students will create an original short film together.

Virtual Musical Theatre Workshop
Grade 5-12
M-F: 12:30-3pm
Students will work with skilled musical theatre artists to explore storytelling through song, acting in a musical, and expressing a character through a variety of dance styles. Students will work with instructors on dance/movement and song performance daily, and will have a virtual sharing at the end of the week.


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