A Letter from Kitchen Theatre Company


From M. Bevin O’Gara, Producing Artistic Director at Kitchen Theatre Company in Ithaca, New York.


Dear Friend,

First of all, we hope you are taking care of your mental and physical health. Right now that’s the number one priority we have for you, our staff, and our artists. Second is to keep our mission alive for Ithaca as we continue to go through these uncertain times.

At a recent staff Zoom meeting, one of our fellows asked, “what is our goal?” I am so happy this question was raised. It allowed us all to take a moment away from Zoom to zoom out on the bigger picture. Great art is inspiring, it creates hope, it creates connection. During this time all of us here at the Kitchen are taking a moment to ask ourselves how we can engage with the KTC’s mission in new ways. We don’t know yet what forms that will take, but that’s what we are thinking about and focused on now. We will let you know as the possibilities take shape.

Here’s what we do know—in accordance with the Governor's office, we have shut down our office and the theatre facility. Should you need to speak to us, we have a reduced workforce working from home returning messages and emails. Additionally we have made the decision to cancel our Lip Sink Fundraiser, originally scheduled for May 16.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the patrons who choose to donate their ticket purchases from cancelled shows back to the Kitchen - thank you so much for your support! A definite determination about our productions of Mr. Joy and Shape has yet to be made. We are exploring all possible options. Currently, ticket sales have been suspended for both shows.

As we are sure you are aware, information and developments concerning the Covid-19 virus are constantly changing. We are grateful for your patience as we navigate these uncertain times together. We acknowledge this is a dire situation for us all, but know we will be needed more than ever once this is over, so stay with us as we figure out how to create new connections and bring important conversations into your Kitchen.

Time and again, when the future seems bleak, when faced with obstacles that seem impossible to overcome, humans join together and turn to art for inspiration and healing. This is why YOUR SUPPORT for the Kitchen Theatre matters now more than ever. We realize that everyone is experiencing hardships right now and it is only through your caring generosity we will continue to work together to serve the community. YOU are the reason the Kitchen Theatre will remain a vital arts institution well beyond this current moment. Thank you!

And while we are not together at the theatre now, we look forward to being together again soon.

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