A Hometown Hero’s Mural Dedication this Memorial Day in Wayne County


Mural Mania has been involved in painting murals in Wayne County and along the Erie Canal since 2007. In fact, there are now over 50 murals in Wayne County. The latest mural called the Heroes of Rose is perhaps the most meaningful. Mural Mania is ‘The Preservation of History through Community Art.’ The history in this story that is being preserved was almost forgotten.

It was last May while painting a mural for Wolcott, NY at the Rose Community Center that this history came alive to me," states Mark De Cracker,  who is with Trail Of Hope and Mural Mania. "After painting for a while, I looked down at my phone and the news story of John Thomas appeared. The article said he graduated from North Rose. His body was coming home after 80 years. He was shot down on August 1st during operation Tidal Wave. John was flying B-24s on that fatal day where 1/3 of the airmen didn’t return. In the hallway of the Rose Community Center, I found John’s class photo from the class of 1938. Chills immediately went up and down my spine. A few days later I found out from a friend that John’s Classmate Melvin Donald Putnam from the same class flew a P-47 and was shot down in 1944. Melvin was involved in Operation Crossbow supporting B-17’s on bombing missions in Southern France, they were bombing V-1 sites. On this Memorial Day 2024, Mural Mania along with the citizens of the Town of Rose are honored to remember the sacrifices these two young men made for their country and community."

The Rose Cemetery is on Rt. 414 between the communities of Rose and North Rose.


To the Fallen of Ploesti

To you who fly on forever I send that part of me which cannot be separated and is bound to you for all time. I send to you those of our hopes and dreams that never quite came true, the joyous laughter and showery tears of our boyhood, the marvelous mysteries of our adolescence, the glorious strength, and tragic illusions of our young manhood, all these that were and perhaps would have been, I leave in your care, out there in the Blue.

John Riley Kane, Colonel, U.S.A.F. (Ret.)

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