A Happy Van Camper

“I’ve camped and hiked my entire life and it’s a huge passion of mine. I also love unique experiences, so combining my love for camping, nature and adventures is something I’m truly enjoying!” – Mike Cimineri
With Mike Cimineri, owner of Vantastic Adventures
What gave you idea to start this small business for people who like camping in a van? Did the Vanlife movement serve as any inspiration for converting a van into a camper?

I wanted to bring Vanlife to the East Coast so people could have the opportunity for a unique experience in a campervan. While you can take the van anywhere, we do have some of the most beautiful areas nearby. The Finger Lakes, Adirondacks and Canada are all within easy driving distance and I wanted people to be able to get outside and enjoy these areas more.

How is renting a van different or better than a DIY remodel of a van?

With rentals you get to have the fun experience without all of the upfront costs of owning and building your own campervan.

What are some of the advantages of camping in a van?

They are very easy to drive, park and set up for camping.  

How many will your campervan fit?

Two people are able to comfortably use this particular campervan.

What are some of the amenities of your campervan?

A queen size memory foam bed, running water, heater, refrigerator and freezer are among the many conveniences. Solar panels on the roof help tricke charge the batteries when the van is not plugged into an outlet.

Can I bring a pet?

Yes, you can add up to two pets when you book.

What if the van gets quite dirty from a camping trip from outdoor debris like leaves and mud and sand. Do I clean it?

Nope! We take care of all of that.

How far across the country can I drive the van? 

You can take the van as far as you want.

Do you have any plans for renovating more vans? What does the future of the business look like to you?

We have plans to put into service later this year or early next year a campervan that seats and sleeps four people. It will have a full bathroom as well.

Find more information and to make a reservation, visit vantasticrentalsny.com.

Check out the #vanlife hashtag on Instagram for more inspirational photos and videos.

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