50 Mile Challenge on the Finger Lakes Trail


Announcing FLT50 2021!

The second year of the FLT50 Challenge is free! It begins this month and will run through the end of the year. Complete 50 miles on the Finger Lakes Trail (FLT), submit your mileage, and you’ll receive an awesome FLT50 patch and sticker so you can show off your accomplishment – and your love of the FLT – to the world. We’ll also send you a certificate and give you a shout out in FLT News and other places we shout out to our trail-loving friends.

For those of you who put in more miles on the trail, we have some added incentive for you. Complete 50 miles each month for at least six months this year, or run 50 in one day (50K OR 50 miles—we don’t care which) and you’ll also receive a special gift from us. Note that if you complete a 50K or 50 miles in a day, it must be a self supported hike/run (i.e. not part of an organized race), to qualify for the additional swag.

Share your stories and photos tagging @fingerlakestrail and use the hashtags #FLT50 and #fingerlakestrail and we might use them in Footnotes, FLT News, and other promotional materials.

This challenge was met with great enthusiasm last year, with 404 finishers logging 29,194 miles. We hope to reach 500 finishers this year and 40,000 miles. To kick things off, ALL miles will count for the first three months - no matter where you do them - as long as they are outdoors. So get out there and find some joy in these winter months on whatever trail, path, or route you like to walk, hike, or run, and get to the FLT as much as you can!

Registration is open now. Miles will be submitted online this year so we can get stickers and patches to more more quickly - this will go live next month. We have included a mileage tracking form on our website for your convenience. Email FLT50@fingerlakestrail.org with any questions or for more information!



  • Trish says:

    I just joined the flt fb group. I’m 60, ( now)
    And hv been hiking for yrs. Wish I’d stumbled upon this challenge earlier. I’ve done 19 mls this yr locally in various places, and hv my eyes on the flt. Is there a way to get in on this flt50 next yr?

  • Trish says:

    Been hiking for yrs, done 20mls this yr on various local trails. Bought some flt maps of my area, m15-19, and plan to hit that trail soon. How can I get in on this challenge next yr?

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