2nd Annual Children’s Photo Contest Winners

First Place • Ages 14-16 “Snow on Seneca Lake - Watkins Glen” Sarah Parshall • Middlesex

Photography has never been more available to us as it is today. Almost everyone has a cell phone these days, and even the least expensive ones have some kind of camera built into their system. So, people are taking a lot of photos. That doesn’t necessarily mean that there are many more great photos out there though. The young people who have submitted photos for this contest certainly have an eye for photography. They have turned ordinary subjects into something that pleases the eye – and this is not as easy as it looks. The winners of the contest have done this especially well.

Parents, you can help foster your children’s interest in photography by providing them easy-to-read books that offer tips to young photographers. There’s a wide range of photo equipment out there as well that makes taking photos even more fun for your children. This magazine issue has several articles dedicated to the patience involved in taking a better photograph. So kids, grab your cameras, get outside and just have fun with them!

– Mark Stash, editor



Second Place – Ages 14-16

“Heading home”
Matthew McDonald • Seneca Falls


Third Place – Ages 14-16

“The beauty of reflection – Canandaigua Lake”
Nichaela Commisso • Rushville


First Place – Ages 10-13

“Midwinter sunset – Serven Road in Seneca County”
Carlie Jensen • Waterloo


Second Place – Ages 10-13

“Post-harvest blues”
Amelia Sidonio • Holley


Third Place – Ages 10-13

“Conklin Gully waterfall in the Hi Tor Wildlife Management Area on Parish Hill Road, Naples”
Kyle Sheppard • Canandaigua


First Place – Up to 9 Years

“Throwing stones never gets old – Onanda Park on Canandiauga Lake”
Ben Bremer • Canandaigua


Second Place – Up to 9 Years

“Backyard beauty”
Gabriel Bowen • Shortsville

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