2020 Virtual GlassFest

The Gaffer District's tradition of honoring fallen Hometown Hero soldiers will continue on Sunday afternoon to close Virtual GlassFest 2020 weekend.

Corning’s Gaffer District is excited to announce a virtual GlassFest over Memorial Day weekend, May 22-24.

“Despite the change of circumstances in this turbulent climate, we are determined to continue the tradition of GlassFest by trying something new this year. The last thing we imagined was having a virtual GlassFest, however, we couldn’t imagine not having any GlassFest at all. So going virtual was the only option in our COVID-19-induced circumstances,” said Coleen Fabrizi, executive director at Corning’s Gaffer District.

Fabrizi added, “The outpouring of excitement and support from our sponsors has been wonderful. They are very excited to see GlassFest continue!”

“While we’re disappointed that this year’s traditional GlassFest activities won’t fill the streets of Corning with residents and visitors, we applaud the Gaffer District for creating a ‘virtual experience’ that will allow us to showcase the artisans, museums, restaurants and retail shops that make our region such a great place to live and a unique place to visit,” said Scott T. Heffner, vice president and director of marketing for Chemung Canal Trust Company, the presenting sponsor of GlassFest since it’s inception in 2010.

“The plans in place for this year’s virtual GlassFest, really help make the best of a difficult situation,” Heffner continued. “We look forward to helping kick off the summer season by celebrating all that makes the Southern Tier so special. Be sure to join us for a virtual visit you won’t soon forget.”

Virtual GlassFest 2020 will feature many of the traditional events that take place each year while visitors watch the event from the safety and comfort of their homes. There will be live music, artist demonstrations, shopping via the Facebook Gaffer District Retail Group and dining options via curbside pick-up or delivery. The Gaffer District’s tradition of honoring fallen Hometown Hero soldiers will continue on Sunday afternoon to close Virtual GlassFest 2020 weekend.

“We want to thank everyone who continues to support our small business here in Corning and throughout the regions and hope you will spend your holiday weekend with us at GlassFest in this unusual year, just as has become your family tradition,” said Fabrizi, “We hope this helps build excitement for returning to our downtown when businesses reopen.”

More details about Virtual GlassFest can be found at GlassFest.org.

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