1 Year. 20 Students. A 900+ Acre Classroom.


Do you know a teenager who loves to ask questions? Who craves the freedom to explore the things that fascinate them, tracing every connection and intersection along the way? They might be a perfect fit for The Walden Project-NY!

The Walden Project is a unique educational program for high school and gap year students (ages 14-19). Located on-site at Cumming Nature Center, it provides students with the opportunity for interdisciplinary education in an outdoor setting where they deepen their connection to themselves, their community, and the natural world.

The Walden Project is perfect for students who are curious, care about our world, and want to engage in unique ways that push at the boundaries of traditional education. Attend an information session or open house to learn more about the Walden community and what a year of discovery could mean for your teenager. Tap here for more details.

andy webster

Andy Webster, Lead Teacher

Andy is a New York State Certified Earth Science Teacher with a decade of experience as a public school science teacher. He also has a B. A. in Conservation Ecology from Sterling College in Vermont and a M. Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction from The Union Institute & University in Vermont. Andy has led nature-based outdoor education programs for his entire adult life, most recently teaching at the Cumming Nature Center's Forest School program. Outside of teaching, Andy and his partner, Maggie, have four children and a small organic farm.

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