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My Own Words
by Mark Stash

A New Lease On Life

When I was a kid I was quite active. I played the usual sports at home with my siblings and friends during my grade school years. I didn’t play organized sports until I started ninth grade, and then I was introduced to the rigors of basketball practice.
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Cover: Greek Peak is one of the region’s popular mountain resorts. Visitors can downhill ski, snowboard, enjoy tubing, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. An indoor waterpark is also a
part of the experience.

story and photos by Derek Doeffinger

Here’s the continuation of the photo tip-filled article “Finding Joy in Capturing the Moment” from the January/February issue of Life in the Finger Lakes.

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Letters to the Editor

“Canisteo – A Picturesque Village in the Valley” (2014 Holiday/Winter issue), written by James P. Hughes, does great justice to the very special community of Canisteo. Much of our family has deep roots there, and my wife and I return frequently.

My father, Robert J. Childs, was eight years old when he was asked by his uncles Ed Childs and Harry Smith to come and help them plant the Canisteo Sign. They lived in two homes side-by-side, and owned the land on which they planted the sign. My dad worked several days helping them, and in the end they paid him 25 cents and two live chickens. The Childs and Smith families later donated the land to the Canisteo School District, with the provision that they maintain the Living Sign. And we are so grateful that they have.

– Bob Childs, Hammondsport

To submit a letter to the editor, please send an e-mail to or send to: Life in the Finger Lakes magazine - Letters, P.O. Box 1080, Geneva NY 14456
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January/February 2015 Issue

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from the AMR article archive
Farm Sanctuary: A Haven for Human Visitors
Spring 2009

Now I know their names: Fennel, Samantha, Nelson, Clarabell, Joan and many others. Before I knew them by name, however, I knew them by sight. They are some of the handsome, shy, peaceful, curious and proud animals I met during my visits to Farm Sanctuary, located just west of Watkins Glen. All t ... [click here to read more]

You're Not a Hedgehog
... so don’t try to sleep your way through cold weather. Play outside instead.

by Tina Manzer

photos by Kristian S. Reynolds

If a traditional Finger Lakes winter makes you want to hibernate, just remember: unlike the adorable round creatures whose brown fat cells generate heat when they sleep, adult humans must be active to stay warm in the cold.
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Kris Hadlock's School of Rock
by Lisa Maria Rickman

Kris Hadlock is a musician and songwriter of the arena-rock variety. The Rochester native has been a soldier in that army for at least 30 years, joining up after attending a Kiss concert as a kid in the late ’70s. Since then, he’s been fighting for fame and the future of a musical genre that some say is already dead. The 41-year-old rocker is proof that it isn’t. As the front man of his own band Hadlock, based in Rochester, and as a rock-music teacher at his home in Ionia, Kris spreads the arena-rock word, and people are listening. And learning.
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